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Date of Submission: 11/15/2014

Air Taxi Service (Philippines)

The project is all about bridging and connecting islands in the north that are not being service by any airline. Tourist and locals claymore for air service between routes, even government officials look for a way to to service their region . Our primary advantage is that we are the only one servicing the routes, with minimal rate the key to success is choosing the right type of aircraft to be use , safety operation, and cheap operating cost.

Size: USD 200000
Date of Submission: 07/10/2014

Air Lines (India)

Dear sir, our company name is purbayan group. Based in north east india .you got our company details on our web site , we have one small aircraft on lease but we are not able to fullfil our pex demand becouse we are the only local airlines company flying our aircraft every part of north esat .Now we are thinking to purchage 4 nos of cassana G caravan 208 &we need funds for our project. Our airlines web site is plz contact with us we are waiting for your call. Thanking you kaushik biswas c ...

Size: USD 1000000
Date of Submission: 06/15/2014

Airline Startup In Cameroon (Cameroon)

Feasibility Study : PROJECT OF AIRLINE COMPANY TO OPERATE DOMESTIC AND CHARTER FLIGHTS Business Plan This Study resumes the projection of MIDWEST WINGS AIRWAYS growth within our environment in Africa and worldwide. By Alain TENE NDE 29/05/2014   A/ COMPANY a) History b) Ownership c) Vision d) organization chart B/ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY a) Routing b) Fleet selection c) Stations d) Financial Projections C/ MAEKETING ANALYSIS a) Competition (competing airlines) b) Sales Strategy and Prices c) SGHA ...

Size: USD 3,500,000
Date of Submission: 05/26/2014

Domestic Airline (Zambia)

Basically the project is about introducing a domestic low cost carrier LCC (airline) in Zambia. All necessary licences at this stage have been issued by government. All the company needs to start with is a single ATR 72 aircraft. Offices are operational in Livingstone, Zambia. Business plan available on requiest. Mukuba Airlines (Limited) Zambia. All contact can for now come through me The rest of the details available on request. Please note the choice of answers in the "Preferences" section. We are intending to run a Low cost ...

Size: USD 15,600,000
Date of Submission: 05/15/2014

Purchase Of Airline Company (Ghana)

I wish to purchase an existing airline company in Ghana . Company has 3 aircraft and route licenses all over Africa. It is based at the airport in Ghana.

Size: USD 20,000,000
Date of Submission: 05/12/2014

New Airline Start-up Tunisia (Tunisia)

we are a new airline startup in tunisia we are looking for foreign investors the airlone called jasmin airways will start activities in november 2014

Size: USD
Date of Submission: 03/22/2014

Startup Airline (Indonesia)


Size: USD 15,000,000,000
Date of Submission: 03/15/2014

Liberia Airlines Project (Liberia)

I am seeking investors to establish a national commercial airlines for the Republic of Liberia. This is the first of its kind in Liberia and will be very profitting. I hope to get in touch with any interested investor. I am currently in Turkey.

Size: USD 1.000,000,000
Date of Submission: 02/14/2014

Kaf Air Limited (Zambia)

We intend to provide a passenger air service to Southern Africa and our base is Lusaka Zambia. This project being in Zambia which is centrally located and is the biggest copper mining country in Africa has seen enormous need for air transport to service this growing industry further to that, this proposed regional airline will enhance the promotion of tourism and its potential of Southern Africa. Looking for funding for this project is a must for the profitability is guaranteed. We attach a three months period in order for us to find ...

Size: USD 1500 000
Date of Submission: 01/18/2014

First Pay By Weight Airline (Samoa)

We are an existing airline that needs extra capital to purchase a bigger aircraft . The aircraft will also have floats to service 2 nearby islands who do not have air strips. The return on the investor's finance will be 14%. The company is a small family company based in Samoa. The time frame is a month to search for investors. The company's success in it's first to pay by weight and have had the world talking, it's website have had millions of hit daily and still creating debates all over the world. It has had free publicity from it's ...

Size: USD 800
Date of Submission: 01/16/2014

Major Airline Project In Malawi Africa (Malawi)

Our project is a startup low cost airline in Malawi Africa We just got our lisence to operate the airline There is great potential because the traffic is high due to the new mining industry and tourism but the current airline operating cant cope up with demand We are supposed to launch by June 2014 We are looking for a partner to help us with taking it off the ground we will be using leased fuel effecient aircrafts for us to be able to offer the low cost airline service

Size: USD 5,000,000
Date of Submission: 12/10/2013

Start-up Cargo Airlines Company In The Middle East Looking For Partners. (Jordan)

We are Global Airlines for cargo services looking for investors to raise US$1,000,000 for our start-up airlines that will be based in Amman Jordan using our secured B747F and a good business contracts.

Size: USD 1,000,000
Date of Submission: 12/09/2013

New Low Cost Caribbean Airline (Bahamas)

Start up low cost Caribbean regional jet airline.

Size: USD 10000000
Date of Submission: 12/06/2013

Airline / Mining / Health Care / Gambling. (Canada)

Looking for investors to run an Airline within west Africa. Providing Heath care is also a big business. the quality of health in that region is very poor. People will fry to Europe for a basic operation. there is always and opportunity for mining in that region.

Size: USD 10,000.000.00
Date of Submission: 10/16/2013

New Internal Full Service Airline (South Africa)

We wish to set up a new internal airline. It is not a low cost operation. We have a full business plan and a fully detailed cost/profit document. It show to be a very viable operation, and the demand for seats is at an all time high. Sarting small with two aircraft anf gowing to 4 after a year. Thereafer expanding into Africa. Also want to establish a full training academy for all airline staff.

Size: USD 10 000000
Date of Submission: 10/15/2013

Regional Airliner (Bahamas)

The regional airline project is to project on the need of new air carrier service into the Florida chain and Family Islands within a schedule flight plan. Royalty Pacific Airways will seek to project over 100% in profitable assets with our frequent daily scheduled flights with our five star service meanwhile maintaining a low air service. The project will also seek to become the Bahamas second regional airlines, hence we will be the known for a more demand diverse destinations daily

Size: USD 150,000.00
Date of Submission: 08/18/2013

The Private Jet Business Revolution (United Kingdom)

Worldwide demand for business jets is highly correlated with wealth creation which, in turn, is largely driven by economic growth. We have identified a market opportunity to connect corporate businesses and potential individuals to private jets offered on a contracted lease basis. Our aim is to solve the problem of fragmentation which prevents this market from functioning properly in Europe. This very leasing business start up requires a level of knowledge about commercial executive jet operations. A one of a kind and only of its concept ...

Size: USD 250,000 to 25,000,000>
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