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Date of Submission: 08/15/2014

Music Infection Website (South Africa)

After a few years in the music industry i have noticed a huge issue. A issue i have a solution to!! By creating a website very similar to but adding many many more features, we can take over the markets in a very limited time period. The music industry is constantly increasing which is bringing more and more money into the music industry. There is an estimate of $ 2 BILLION in the music industry today!!! Excluding events and album sales. I have found a way to take all that money with ease. For a full ...

Size: USD 94340
Date of Submission: 08/07/2014

Seeking Investors For Music Venture!!!! (United States)

Seeking Investors for last Music project, other project is completely funded. This project if interested is concerning a Hip-hop artist who is currently prepping his newest release while his agent creates his bidding war with 3 major labels. So if you're looking to expand your portfolio, or you're a music lover, or just want to try your hand at backing an artist/project that already has traction. Definitely contact me via email at [email protected] and let me know what you're looking to do, to what capacity you would like to be involved, and ...

Size: USD 50,000.00
Date of Submission: 08/01/2014

American Apperal Deal (United States)

I'm a music producer who link up with Dov charney to expand American Apperal with my pop culture ideas to make money also my music production pull 100k a year with help it would do more

Size: USD 200,000
Date of Submission: 07/26/2014

Major Independent Marketing Projects (United States)

I run a Marketing and Promotions, Recording Studio, and Artist Management Company based out of Newark NJ. I work with a lot of Mainstream Commercial Artist and Independent Music Artist. Providing Event booking services, Digital and Physical Advertising and marketing. Setting up and arranging promotional tours across the US, negotiate recording/distribution contracts. Shopping deals and landing contracts and placements within specific markets. For my next upcoming project, funding is needed to book tour buses, RV's and Venues in order for ...

Size: USD 125,000
Date of Submission: 07/24/2014

Funding For Indie Label & Artist (United States)

My name is Irene Elizabeth McLendon aka Reenie. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to view my funding proposal. Many people who know me know that I've been traveling all around the east coast and singing with my family singing group since I was 2 years old, and writing music and dancing since 2006, when I was in the girl group called "4GVN". And for the one's who don't know me, I really appreciate you taking the time to find out who "Reenie" really is. I've always had a burning passion for music, whether it be singing it, ...

Size: USD 4,500
Date of Submission: 07/22/2014

New Artist, Label And Music Merchandising (United States)

This Project is all about promoting and putting out music and helping to start up an indie record label to start-up. This project will include signing talented artists and music business help promoting,touring,album sales and merchandising. I will find and sign successful artist in any genre and promote and distribute them to the world.I have studied and been a part of the music business for years and knows what it takes to find the next big thing, make stars and money and what it takes to succeed. Anyone who invest will be primary shareholder ...

Size: USD (100,000)- (1,000,000)
Date of Submission: 07/19/2014

Touch Mix (Viet Nam)

Hello, I am Charz Kelso the 50% partner in Touch Mix an entrepreneur from Vancouver Canada now living in SE Asia for longer than 4 years looking for something like what I have found with The Touch Mix. We need 40,000 USD to get really going for the first fullon 6 months. We are ideally looking for some who has notice what has been happening with the international DJ Culture in the last few years. Touch Mix is the first 100% touch screen all in one (music collection included) portable DJ player controller. We will be a making officially Hong ...

Size: USD 40,000
Date of Submission: 07/16/2014

Streamofconsciousness (Ireland)

The project "StreamOfCounsciousness ©2014" will feature act, dance, visual art and live progressive music; a trip into James Joyce's stream of consciousness, Ulysses world and Irish culture. Me and my team are transporting Joyce stream of Consciousness from the original masterpiece into a modern multimedia representation. James Joyce original vision represented for the first time. We want to give to the audiance the sensation being in Dublin, the 3D projection of the city on the backscreen will help the people in their trip. We want ...

Size: USD 1,200,000
Date of Submission: 07/16/2014

Musical Concert (Gambia)

Hello Sir/Madame, My name is Penda and am 28 years old.Am a female DJ,a music promoter and a graphic designer. I have registered business going on for 4 years now-Mystic Entertainment and Productions- Ref: Here in The Gambia,the 'SHOWBIZ' is everything.I have been hosting shows and organising events but on the low scale.Now I have a great plan to 'Step-Up'. Music promoters bring in different artists from other countries,mainly from Jamaica or Senegal and Nigeria.Its the ...

Size: USD 10,000
Date of Submission: 07/16/2014

Music Application (United States)

Mobile App Development Project for an up and coming Music Application. 6k already invested. Currently in UI/UX development. need investment money for the next phase.

Size: USD 10000
Date of Submission: 07/14/2014

The Greatest Rap Lyricist Alive (United States)

Basically im looking for a strong backing financially,i've been told that im one of the greatest rap artist alive i just dont have the funds to support my promotion, traveling,studio engineering and music equipment.i can guarantee that who ever believes in my talent enough to invest in me.will receive it back 10 fold.if you need assurance on my skill please refer to the link i've provided

Size: USD 10,000
Date of Submission: 07/07/2014

Country Artist Offers Publishing With New Tv Show (United States)

Short Term Offer For Publishing I. Proposal This is a short-term investment for a long-term passive income opportunity. Typically, publishing companies pay a writer each month for a 12-month contract to write, in hopes of getting the songs cut by an artist, on a projected 3-4 year ROI. What we are offering is a unique, 6-month, project-based offer in which you commit to a 6-month deal directly with the ARTIST writer as they write specifically for their next record. This provides a very measurable, and long-term return, for a short-term ...

Size: USD 21,000
Date of Submission: 07/05/2014

Invest In The African Entertainment Industry And Make A Lot Of Money (Cameroon)

No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment is a music recording studio and Record Label in Cameroon. It is a start up and already is a major player in the industry in Cameroon. It has 2 signed artist: Rythmz and Ciana. It is a 4 years investment plan and the investor is sure to get his/her money and profits back. Here are a few links of the workis of No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment , , , ...

Size: USD 6,217.84
Date of Submission: 06/21/2014

Multi-million Dollar Generating Project With In Entertainment Industry (Trinidad and Tobago)

Market Assessment Entertainment & Music supply industry: Last year consumers spent over $154 Million on costumes, food, alcohol, tickets for fetes and other entertainment services. Expenditures are expected to increase by 4% to $160.5 million in the coming year. Source: Caribbean Entertainments Products Association Local area: Trinidad & Tobago a 4.8% rease in population between 2011 and 2014, mostly from the 18 to 44 year old middle age group, families under five. This group is likely to go club or bar, consider them a part of the ...

Size: USD 1000000
Date of Submission: 06/19/2014

Entertaiment & Sports Brand Management Firm (India)

A Nationwide large and medium sized Concert Promotion/Producer, Sports Brand Management and Artist & Celebrity Management Company capitalizing on the huge demand for international entertainment & sporting events in India & across Asia. 1.What is the issue / pain point that our product / solution addresses? As time ticks on in India, more and more people are going out and using their disposable income on enjoying themselves and luxuries such as entertainment. There is a huge demand and market for international artists in India and as ...

Size: USD 2000000
Date of Submission: 06/16/2014

G Studio Recording Studio Start Up (United States)

I am nothing more tha an ambitious 19 year old musician from texas who dreams of createing a music production company I'm my home town. Our goal will be to physically Go out and find local artist young and old from all over who otherwise may not have the opportunity to find a production company to record their songs and work with them to make them the stars they know they can be. I just need help with te start up cost such as professional equiptment and a location to set up my studio. I'm aiming to get atleast 10,000 to 20,000$ in funding to ...

Size: USD 10,000
Date of Submission: 05/26/2014

Innovative Artist (Portugal)

Music Producer/DJ. Basically I want the world to hear my music and be a leader. I can easily convince you that I'm the best you'll ever find.

Size: USD 15 000>
South African Mines For Sale

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