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Seeking Investors / Partner For Small Alluvial Gold Mining Project

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Owner
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Interested in

Papua New Guinea, Oceania

Mining and Exploration

US$500,001 - US$1,000,000

I am a landowner from an island called Misima, which is in the country called Papua New Guinea - north of Australia, South Pacific. Misima island is south-east of the main island of Papua New Guinea. The first discovery and mining of gold took place in 1800's. The recent re-mining of gold took place from 1987 to 2000 by Placer Pacific. I have mobilized other of my tribesmen for us to develop our mineral resources. There are talks of the resurgence of open pit mining on the island for gold and silver, but my people and I are looking at a more environmentally sustainable mining activity. Laws on mineral ownership rights are now going to change, with landowners to be given the rights of minerals ownership below the surface of the earth and water to traditional inhabitants or landowners. This will open up great opportunities for traditional landowners like myself to seek foreign investors/ partners to develop a mine.
What I will offer to the investor is partnership and mutual long term business relationship. There are also potentials for other enterprises like tourism and fishing.
I would like to seek serious investment discussions with someone out there.
Please this is an opportunity and I need someone interested to contact me as soon as possible through my email or through Reuben Elijah, PO Box 604, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea.
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(Marketing Firm)

Papua New Guinea
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