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Seeking Investors For The Mining Of Gold And Diamond In Guyana, South America

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Contracted Consultant
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Guyana, South America

Mining and Exploration

US$ 17,000,000

Gold Target Export is a renowned gold and diamond mining company in Guyana, South America. We are involved in mining of these minerals as well as purchasing from other miners for the sole purpose of export worldwide.

We have lately acquired (eagle Mountain) a 500 acres mining site tested and shows positive potentials for gold.

We have already begun setting up operations within this area. To add we have more than 7 other land and water mining dredges in Guyana.

Our monthly gold acquisition is more than 250 ounces. Our target is 750 ounces per month.

We need investors to assist in funding of gold exploration and purchasing of gold from50% more of the miners across Guyana.
Guyana has one of the greatest mineral potentials. Read Excerpts below on the Omai Gold Minig Company.
Omai Gold Mines Limited (OGML) is a subsidiary of the Canadian mining company,
CAMBIOR, which holds 60% of the common shares, along with another Canadian company Golden Star Resources Limited (35%) and the State of Guyana (5%). Construction and development
Operations at the mine site about 100 miles south of Georgetown started in September l991 with a projected budget of US$152 million. Mining activities commenced in February 1992 and by December l992 probable mineable gold reserve were estimated at 2,268,000 ounces. The first gold bar was poured lst February l993 and is estimated that ore reserves are about 40.6 million tonnes (metric) at l.63 g/t Au. Gold recovery is thus about 93.5%.
The extraction lasted 10-15 years and nearly one thousand persons have been employed.
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(Mining/Exploration Company)

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