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Seeking Investor For High Return On Real Estate Projects

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Principal
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Interested in
Investor, Business Partner

Boston, United States, North America

Real EstateMulti-Family Homes

US$ 1,000,000

Kearsedge Boston Group is seeking a $1 million USD loan, credit facility or JV/equity partnership. This will be used for expenses related to due diligence and closing costs.

The Kearsedge Boston Group is a private equity trust. Our focus is to provide monthly income and positive cash flow for our capital partners.

We attain these goals in 2 ways.

1. We acquire online and e-commerce businesses, usually with a unique niche and which must prove no less than a 40% margin. This margin generates a high cash flow for the company.

2. We use this cash flow, plus a portion of committed funds to purchase commercial and residential real estate. These properties must be in good areas, close to schools and shopping and prove a return of no less than 6.25%. We also acquire value-add opportunities in which we can forecast no less than a 8.25% return (CAP rate).

We are registered with the United States SEC, NACHA as an associate member, the European Union, BAFT, and other professional associations and we are a United States federal contractor.
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(Private Equity Firm)
North Brookfield, Massachusetts
United States
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