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Mission Statement: To Build A World Class Entertainment Complex In The 11th Largest U.S. City, Austin, Texas, Titled “the Music Capital Of The Of The World

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Austin, Texas, Texas, United States, North America

Real EstateRetail
SportsCinemas and Theatres
Dance Clubs and NightclubsHotels and Resorts
LandMulti-Family Homes
Entertainment ParksResidential Homes
Restaurants and CafesSocial Housing
Sport Arenas and PlaygroundsStores and Shopping Centers

US$ 1,000,000

Mission Statement: To build a world class entertainment complex in the 11th largest U.S. city, Austin, Texas, titled “the Music Capital of the of the World”, where there presently is no viable concert arena, in a geographical area that encompasses 3 of the top 10 largest U.S. cities and a population exceeding 19M within 200 miles. You have heard of HOLLYWOOD&DOLLYWOOD& BOLLYWOOD in India, I am about to build JOLLYWOOD in Austin, Texas .
Vision: Where our unique arena and other entertainment operations will be the host of many of America’s biggest entertainment, business and sporting shows. From a 125,000 person Taylor Swift concert, to national: car shows, soccer matches or other athletic events, business conventions, to hosting the 2024 National political conventions are just a few of the programs that we will draw because of our unique operation and Austin’s reputation for being a fabulous place to visit. .
Business Strategy: By constructing the LARGEST TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED COVERED ARENA in the U.S.(110,00 permanent seats and 15,000 temporary seats on the Astroturf) and containing the most electronically advanced equipment, while surrounding it with various other entertainment (300’ tall Ferris Wheel), etc. and business operations, some unique to Austin, in an area already consisting of other entertainment venues, which generate 4 million to 6 million consumer trips/year by our front door, we will conservatively generate $800M in revenue, in an area that is a few miles from the airport and with most of the major roads converging in the area.
REVENUE - $5,299.8
EXPENSES - $2,476.6
TOTALS - $3,818.2
I have two investors with a total of $26M ready to purchase 771 acres to build JOLLYWOOD on and need $1M contribution of mine to have skin in the game. It will be paid back from the $595M project loan that has been put forth by Capital Finance. I will also need an equity partner to garner that $595M loan.
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(Entertainment Company)
Austin, Texas
United States
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