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Mining Project

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Legal Representative
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Luena/katanga, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Africa


US$ 20,000,000

This memorandum has been issued by share holders of EXACOM group to provide information on the group to the parties that are interested in partnership.


EXACOM group has been in exploration, agriculture and mining business since 1992. It has 21 mining concessions spread over Katanga province and oriental province in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). All the concessions put together cover the area 0f 852500 hectares each with 40,000 hectares.

EXACOM has undertaken various geological, geodesic, geochemical satellite mapping information studies through which it has established the existence of different minerals ascertained by the samples it got on the spotted areas certified by coordinates recorded by GPS facilities. 
The climate is tropical wet of the CW6 type as per Koffeln classification, 6 months of dry season and 6 months of rainy season and heavy rains between Dec and Jan. Average temperature is 22c.Forestry, and some forest trees of Sudan-Zimbabwean type. The soil is sandy and Kalahari type, we have mountainous too.

EXACOM is producing copper blisters ranging 93-98.24% of copper with miscellaneous other minerals quoted as impurities like cobalt, cadmium, germanium, silver, iron, zinc etc.

EXACOM is currently supplying Coasfri in Spain, glencore is to be supplied 350tonnes per month as per the contract signed and negotiations are under way with trafigura in RSA-EP Metals in UK. We're also seeking for partners in the agricultural field for intensive cultivation of wheat, maize, sugar cane, sun flower.


The concession no.7251 is located 25km near Luena; Luena is an electrified railway station from which electric power can be connected to any part of the concession 7251. The coordination as per annex no.1 and its location on the geological map of the DRC Congo as per attached annex 2 Katanga province.
The size of the concession is 469sq equivalent to (469x84) i.e. =or+ 40,000hectares


Electrified railway line at 25km Luena Road, Lubumbashi-Kamina Road also has power lines Inga shaba-Lubumbashi. There's a road from Luena to Kiamulesu-Kinda and Kamina.
Several rivers that run through the area which can also provide hydro power.


Composition of minerals era: Neocene, Paleocene, Permian, inferior, carbonafere, inferior medium and superior kibarian.
Copper ,cobalt
 Zinc, magnesium,
Tin ,titanium
Coal, bitumen,
Colombo. tantalite
Geological, geochemical, geodesic and MapInfo, small trenches were made and samples analyzed.
All the concessions have THE RESEARCH PERMITS.A research permit is given for TEN YEARS split into TWO:when you get it you are given five years to do your research,if you do not finish after five years you are given five years again to allow you to complete your studies. In our case we made: 1.Prospection during ten years, since 1998.In 2007,we got our research permits,

2.In 2008,we got the green light from the mines to start all the survey studies on the concessions. 3.THEREFORE instead of renewing research permits,we thought it was better to apply for Exploitation Permit which is a better guarantee for any investor as all the geology,geodesy,and some drilling were already done and mining sites spotted for copper,cobalt,colombo tantalite,cassiterite,gold......
Holders of research permits may request an exploitation permit provided that they demonstrate inter alia the existence of an economically exploitable deposit. the research permit entitles its holder the right to obtain an exploitation license for all or part of the subtances indicated in the research permit . the holders of mining exploitation rights acquire the ownership of the products for sale by virtue of their rights.
4.THAT IS AT THIS STAGE why we decided to look for a partner who might back us with finances so that we can start to produce any mineral as per his requirement.

We are desirous to partner with potential investors in exploiting the vast riches of this concession.

please find a sample of available concessions
title norightslicencesubstancessizelocalisation12423research permitexploration certificatesilver,cobalt,copper,zinc6 square

mushasha/kolwezi/katanga12714exploitation permitexploitation certificatecopper,cobalt,nickel12
12 square

mushasha/kolwezi/katanga11255research permitexploration certificatecopper,cobalt,nickel87 squarelubudi/kolwezi/katanga10714research permitexploration certificatecopper,cobalt,nickel400 square

lubudi/kolwezi/katanga10713research permitexploration certificatecopper,cobalt,nickel420 squarelubudi/kolwezi/katanga
Eric Hubert Mpoyo
Chairman &CEO
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(Mining / Exploration Company)
Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
South Africa
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