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Invest In Water-more Precious Commodity Than Oil!

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Principal
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Northeastern Montanabakken Formation Of The U.s. Williston Basin, Montana, United States, North America

Consumer ProductsEnergy

US$ 250,000

I am selling royalty interest of my water right located in northeastern Montana....this water is located in the Bakken formation of the US Williston Basin where the enormous oil play has been going on in North Dakota/Eastern Montana. I have a virtual endless supply of fresh ground 17" water well is 42 feet deep and produces 1100 gallons per minute of water. I have the well logs to prove its production. Ownership in royalty interest of my water right will pay you returns on everything that is sold from the production of this water whether it is for fracking purposes in the oil fields or consumer products such as bottled water. As I am sure you are aware, water is becoming a more and more scarce commodity and people are starting to realize this, so this is a great opportunity to invest in something no human can live without.....if you have never thought of investing in water, research it and see what the market is saying about it. The investment is $50,000 per point with a minimum buy in of 5 points with a maximum of 45 points. Pooling of investor funds is allowed to achieve the minimum requirement. Please email me if this is something of interest to you.

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(Construction Company)
Post Falls, Idaho
United States
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