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Las Vegas Nv, Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, United States, North America

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Fossil FuelsNuclear Energy

US$ 500,000,000.00

Dear Sirs:
My name is John Mann, Research & Development director for MMPL Inc.
MMPL is a research and development group seeking funding/support in a new innovative technology that will revolutionize the world. The purpose of this fundraising is to raise funding for laboratory equipment, new laboratory facilities, medical supplies, solutions, human resources, other administrative needs, including operating capital. The purpose of this fundraising also is to make available an innovative technology that will revolutionize the energy, mining, manufacturing regions and environmental communities regarding tailings, mining, nuclear waste, and storage. We at MMPL believe that we have discovered one of the greatest developments known to mankind in the field of science and technology of nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.
Because of long term health and environmental hazards that radioactive pollutants can produce, many scientists are studying methods of removing or destroying such pollutants. The mining and use of radioactive based materials are widely distributed and have great potential to pollute many oceans, soils, underground water systems, and the environment as a whole. Because of these possible long term health and environmental hazards that such pollutants can produce, MMPL and its research team of scientists have studied and are studying methods of diminishing, removing or destroying such pollutants. MMPL and its associates believe that they have discovered a solution to these life threatening and hazardous possibilities.
To date, the most advanced technology known to man regarding the safe storage of nuclear waste leaves a question of doubt and insecurities in the minds of the people of the nation and the world. Mining companies employing green cover-up and patch work such as in-pit storages and topping–off to store one of the most deadly contaminants known to man, the environment, and the world. Engineers still stick to the old antage, Pump it, dump it, and leave it for the future generations to deal with. Our nations concerns should go further than the need to mine uranium but, take an approach to safely store, degrade, and return to the earth that which it came from safely.

We are seeking 50 million U.S. DOLLARS to complete our research and start building our facility. Total cost of a completed facility would be $500,000,000.00 U.S. The time-frame from beginning to completion is 5 years to 8 years. Five years being the shortest terms and eight years being the longest.If interested please email us at * . Learn more of our company at

John Mann, Research & Development
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(Research Firm)
Denver, Colorado
United States
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