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Film Slate - 100% ROI

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Owner / Shareholder
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Queensland, Australia, Oceania

Art and CultureEntertainment

US$ 5,000,000

SparkeFilms / Sparke Pictures are excited to announce their first feature film - RED BILLABONG - is hitting Australian cinemas August 25th 2016. The film has been selected into the 2016 AACTA awards as well.

The film is the largest Australian action film of the year and is currently selling around the world, with cinema releases for Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the rest of Asia already locked in. The rest of world bidding right now.

Due to this success, SparkeFilms can now announce it has a slate of productions covering the next 5 years - and they are looking for partners on this exciting venture.

The productions include:

An Action film with a female lead
An Epic World War One film
An Epic TV series for netflix
An Action/Comedy

Due to confidentiality, Contact us for more.

Reviews from our first film:


We've used events such as comic-cons to market our first film to a base audience with great results, and we plan on doing the same with all of them.

This is the first offer on the ground level. We want to invite investors to be a part of the new film that is about to explode once it hits cinemas.

These funds will be used for having equity in the bank accounts to pay the actors and production/shooting funds.

Here's your chance to be involved in large international films that will do well at the box office. We want to invite investors to be a part of the new film that is about to explode once it hits cinemas.

This comes from sales to distributors worldwide by our sales agents:
• They buy the film off us
• We repay you
• They place it in cinemas under their banner (Paramount, etc)
• You also share in ticket sales

There's also credits, set visits to meet the cast, red carpet tickets and more.


Australian cinema had a great upturn last year and Red Billabong will follow that trend.

Australian films at the local box office in 2015:

Mad Max: Fury Road - $21,685,344
The Dressmaker - $20,271,661
The Water Diviner - $15,869,909
Oddball - $11,085,092
Paper Planes - $9,654,965
Last Cab to Darwin - $7,401,374

There is finally a healthy mix of young adult, older groups and action films being made in Australia. Our slate of films covers all these.

Our USP is that all our productions are written, grown and carefully developed in house using our extensive network of professionals that have worked with our company over the last 15 years.

Red Billabong was made for a lot less than these other films so the profit margins are larger. Then there are international sales, tax rebates and international box office.

These private investments from people like you are the last piece in our puzzle to start work right away. Can email you the cast and docs.

We are offering Your investment plus 100% back within 16 months.
(ie: $100K investment equals = $200K back. Initial back in 16 months, then ROI 4 months later)

Depending on the investment/loan level - we can offer Net Profit share of one, two or all of our current slate of films.

This also includes set visit's, credits and red carpets.

We've had investors from all over the world be a part of our first film, so we hope you can be part of our future.
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(Film Studio)
Helensvale, Qld
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