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Commercial Explosive Trading Services For Mining And Oil & Gas Industry

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Owner / Shareholder
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Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia

MiningTrade and Wholesale

US$ 33,832,821.-

"Commercial Explosive Trading Services"

Business Vision:
To be a Strategic Partner of Commercial Explosive Importer Companies by providing wide-range of Commercial Explosive Materials for industrial needs particularly for Mining and Oil & Gas companies

1. Capitalizing the growth of coal production which requires 600,000 MT a year of Ammonium Nitrate and millions pieces of explosive accessories every year as a strategic commodity.

2. Utilizing the networking of “7 private-club” of civil explosive importer companies in Indonesia particularly with PT MEXIS

3. Acquiring and Developing the Explosive Distribution Hub [EDH] in setting up a Bunker High Explosive Magazine and Bulk Emulsion Plant Center in East Kalimantan.

Project Summary & Background :

1. PT. PREMIER DASCO TRADASERVICE [“PDTS”] is an independent Commercial Explosive trader. Initially, the business will focus on selling commercial explosive materials to the 7 private-club commercial explosive importer companies in Indonesia.

2. The 7 private-club commercial explosive importer companies in Indonesia are the “exclusive group companies” who have the license holding from Minister of Defence Republic of Indonesia that able to import, store, distribute and manufacture the commercial explosive.

3. PDTS is to be legally and financially domiciled in Indonesia, having a large business networking a such area.

4. PDTS has the high interest to acquire the Explosive Distribution Hub who has established since 1994. The EDH has 42 ha of port area and has been providing a wide-range of port services and has been well-experienced in serving various Petroleum and Mining Services Companies to be a Base of their operation at Mahakam Delta.

5. In line with “Police Regulation” and the security regional planning reason, the EDH is designated to become an Explosive Distribution Hub in East Kalimantan region.

6. Economy in Eastern Kalimantan is projected to have favorable outlook as its development is largely driven by industries that support oil & gas, mineral and coal mining activities that requires 600,000 MT a year of Ammonium Nitrate and millions pieces of commercial explosive accessories every year. As these businesses grow, the need for a ready-stock Commercial Explosive Materials becomes more crucial in the sustainability of growth.

Project Phase:
Phase 1 : Funding Trading Services (ready)
Phase 2 : Financing High Explosive Magazine Facility (ready)
Phase 3 : Acquiring Explosive Logistic Base Facility
Phase 4 : Financing Distribution Fleets
Phase 5 : Financing a Bulk Explosive Plant

Product Partnership

HANWHA is the main explosive player in South Korea and has advance explosive technology in detonator and booster products.

While HUCHEM is a Ammonium Nitrate Producer in Korea and keen on developing and penetrating its market in Indonesia.

Both companies are separated entity but having Indonesia agent, namely Chemflow ltd. At this stage, some product are delivered to MEXIS’s customers in South Kalimantan.

2 Tianji Coal Chemical (TCC), CHINA
TIANJI is the main Petrochemical company in China and produces Ammonium Nitrate for explosive grade.

Since Tianji has to expand its market share, Tianji intends to cooperate with PT MEXIS to distribute Ammonium Nitrate in Indonesia with a mutual benefits portion.

TIANJI and MEXIS have a commitment to have a long-term business partnership.

HUHUA Group is the main explosive player in China and has advance explosive technology in detonator and booster products.

HUHUA Group has 30 years experience for manufacture a wide-range commercial explosive and has improved its technology and production facility to anticipate the export demand particularly in Indonesia.

Market Segment:


2. PT. Multi Nitrotama Kimia
3. PT. PINDAD (persero)
4. PT. DAHANA (persero)

COAL MINES requires 400,000 MT/year
This demand of ammonium nitrate is very high through this cluster which is demanded by ”The Big Seven” customers such as:
• PT Kaltim Prima Coal
• PT Adaro Energy
• PT Indika Energy ie. Kideco
• PT Gunung Bayan
• BANPU ie. Truba
• etc

MINERAL MINE requires 150,000 MT/year
Mineral mines are classified into cement, iron ore, nickel, copper, quarry and so on and so forth. Those industries require huge volume of ammonium nitrate to their activities such as INCO, NEWMONT, FREEPORT, Cement Gresik Group, etc

CIVIL WORK requires 50,000 MT/year
Civil Infrastructure requires the explosive material for tunnel access, water dam, road, etc.

There are many International Petroleum Companies and plus thousands Oil Services/contractor who are operating in East Kalimantan, they require a seismic explosive in big volume while the annual budget for that material is approx. USD 250,000,000.-


The offering to Strategic Investor is “Project Financing” with following key element:

Grace Period : 12 months since the Fund Drawn-down

Repayment : Principle and Interest starting at month 13 after the Fund Drawn-down and lasting 48 months with early prepaid.

Repayment Security Model :
1. Designated account under PDTS with 2 signatories, each from Investor and PDTS to operate account;

2. Outstanding instruction to disburse Investor capital + Interest
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(Trading Company)
Jakarta, Dki Jakarta
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