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Black Sand Mining Project

Investor Wanted Ad Posted By Legal Representative
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Municipality Of San Marcelino, Province Of Zambales, Philippines, Asia


US$ 5,000,000

Description of Property:
The property is a titled lot privately owned by Carlos Rodriguez, located in the Municipality of San Marcelino, Province of Zambales, Philippines. containing an area of SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT (728) Hectares, more or less. It is situated along the Santo Tomas River found at the base of Mount Pinatubo, known worldwide after its eruption in 1992, which devastated properties within twenty (20) kilometers radius. On the lower stream, the property is adjacent and bounded by Spartan Mining Corporation (reference:, a new firm engaged in mining magnetite iron ores (black sand) from the lahar sandflows on the river. The mining site of Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc. (DCSMI), a public company listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange since 1988 and traded globally, is located on the upper stream of the river midway to Mount Pinatubo.
Mineral Deposits on the Property:
We have made various tests of the lahar sandflows on the property by having them analyzed, assayed and tested by different reputable laboratories in the Philippines. Samples of sand were gathered from different parts of the property and taken at different depths, ranging from the top to waistline deep. These samples were taken at different times and seasons of the calendar year 2011. As per Assay Reports, the area has varying contents of magnetite iron ores ranging from 28.6% to 54.9%. Considering that the property is located along Santo Tomas River, which also traverses the mining site of DCSMI (main products are copper, silver, and gold), we, in November 2011, also had some samples analyzed, assayed, and tested for copper and the end result was a content of 29.38%. An extensive exploration of the property may lead to more recoverable minerals, aside from the above.
Availability of the Property:
The property is being made available to any and all investors, on long-term and on a first come – first served basis, specifically for mining and exploration or quarrying activities. Property owner shall charge the investor royalty fees, as may be agreed upon by both parties, as payment for the use of the aforesaid property.
Other Amenities for the Project:
If the investor wishes to expand the land area for its mining and exploration project, on the upper stream of the Santo Tomas River and adjacent to the said property, is another titled lot, of equivalent size, owned by the sister of the aforesaid owner, which area can be tapped under the same terms and conditions of contract that both parties may execute and enter into. Moreover, if the investor wishes to ship out and export its ores, we also identified two (2) facilities, namely: Port Dizon of DCSMI and the De Leon Jetty, both of which are approximately nineteen (19) kilometers from the site.
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(Mining / Exploration Company)
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