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Investment Opportunities Oceania 2

Pacific Region,
Papua New Guinea

After Harvesting Logg And Build A Shopping Mall

The main objectives of the project is to harvest the logs and after that the investor can building a shopping mall to cater bulk for people to shopping there and the benefits can be share between two parties (investor and the principal land owner). ...
US$ 2,000,000

Telepathic Pyramid And Vortex Energy Generator

The current design has been finalised and now seeking funding to procure the highly precise and intricate parts to build and test the Telepathic Pyramid and Vortex Energy Generator. The purpose of this energy device is manifold, it has many ...
US$ 75,000
New Zealand

Lucky Star

Lucky star will be an across the board advertising idea. A coupon is to be received by the customer. For example if the customer purchases 100 t bags they get a discount coupon for a pair of jeans and so on. Copyright c 2016 wise owl promotions.
US$ 10,000,000
New Zealand


Advertissue will be roll up tobacco tissue papers with an advertisement on each tissue. They would sell for 50% less than other tissues.
US$ 500,000
Papua New Guinea,
Papua New Guinea

2.1 Million Oz Au Jorc Report Papua New Guinea

Glen Mills Email Address * Company AUPNG INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Comments / Enquiries Sir, I am writing to you to bring to you this outstanding Gold Mining Opportunity in Paua New Guinea. I have Power of Attorney over the Mount ...
US$ 150,000,000
New Zealand

Children's Novelty Poetry

Children's novelty poetry will consist of bookmarks- postcards- Engel plop esq greeting cards- mini gift cards-mini posters with a poem for children on each one. This would be a great incentive for customers at outlets to buy as it's not just your ...
US$ 100,000
Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea

Flipping Homes For Profit

Flipping homes for profit is not a new concept. It has been practiced world wide. Yet in a country like Papua New Guinea, this concept of flipping homes for profit is not particularly understood. I have come up with a business plan that I ...
US$ 40,000
Madang And Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea

Hotel & Cansino Project , Mobil Phone Company Project, Timber Mill Project

There are basically three project in Papua New Guinea that we require investors or investment partners. We have all the necessary permits and license to operate however require investment partners who can invest in the timber mill project, ...
US$ 300,000,000
Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea

Business Finance And Software Service Suppliers Project

This Business Finance and Software Service Suppliers Project is all about providing financial solutions / aid and financial management software / training to SME's, employees, Government Dept's and the General public. The market gap / ...
US$ 20,000
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia,

Startup Accelerator Using Reality Tv Format To Scale All Markets

This does not imply an offering of securities. 1.0 Executive Summary The Next Wave Accelerator will provide top-quality professional development, for StartUps. The principal officer of The Next Wave Accelerator, believes that most StartUps ...
US$ 11,494,000