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Investment Opportunities North America

Sacramento, California,
California ,
United States

Amazon Domain Name For Sale

I own which is a special domain name .IO is very popular in the American Tecnology market. Amazon is about to do a big push into Virtual Reality, so this domain could raise in value over a few years. Make an offer ...
US$ 100,000
Jordan River Bc,

Gold, Silver And Copper Mine

We are a private company called New Sunro Copper Ltd. Our projects include two previous producing mines; one copper / gold / silver and one high grade gold mine. The Copper mine now has a diamond drilling permit approved and Reclamation bond ...
US$ 50,000,000
Netherlands Antilles

Affordable Housing For Lower Income

Build Affordable housing for the lower income community. We are looking for investors that are willing to help us start up. The start-up investment will be returned in max 3 years with interest.
US$ 115,000
Austin, Texas,
Texas ,
United States

Mission Statement: To Build A World Class Entertainment Complex In The 11th Largest U.s. City, Austin, Texas, Titled “the Music Capital Of The Of The World

Mission Statement: To build a world class entertainment complex in the 11th largest U.S. city, Austin, Texas, titled “the Music Capital of the of the World”, where there presently is no viable concert arena, in a geographical area that ...
US$ 1,000,000
Port Au Prince,

Land Facility For Health Care Development/Investment In Haiti

Project title : land owner is willing to donate (facilitate) to volunteers and investors an available land to build an health center, international vocational school , run the other humanitarian and commercial development in haiti marketplace ...
US$ 100,000,000
Orleans Califorina,
California ,
United States

Small Scale Mining Oppertation

I have been given the oppertunity to buy a mining claim in gold rich teritory
US$ 50,000

Iron Ore Mining And Smelting Project Oppoetunity In Honduras

A concessioned area with Iron-ore present is up for development, extraction and smelting of the Iron. A joint Venture arrangement is being proposed. Interested Companies with capacity to construct and operate the smelting plant is ...
US$ 100,000,000
Netherlands Antilles

Investors Needed For A Start Up Development Investment

We would like to develop homes for lower income citizens. We would need a first investment of 200000 dollars in order to start up. in a time frame of 6 weeks the first home can be ready and the investor will receive their 200000 dollar and a ...
US$ 200,000
United States

Seeking Investor For High Return On Real Estate Projects

Kearsedge Boston Group is seeking a $1 million USD loan, credit facility or JV / equity partnership. This will be used for expenses related to due diligence and closing costs. The Kearsedge Boston Group is a private equity trust. Our focus is ...
US$ 1,000,000
Santa Clara,
California ,
United States

This Is The Next Phase In E-Commerce

This is most of the confidential parts I will leave out. The business is a dotcom business that focuses on sales. Basically you might want to call it a sales market for lack of a better word. The main focus is to create a free sales market with a ...
US$ 500,000