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Investment Opportunities Europe

Black Sea - Bulgarian Coastline,

"floating Islands" Tropical Round-Year Resort In Black Sea

Round-Year Sea-Resort Project - "Floating Islands", located in the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Burgas Bay, 300-800m close to the coastline. A futuristic complex of dome-covered floating (or seabed-fixed) islands, surrounded by a breakwater ...
US$ 1,000,000
United Kingdom

Short Term Equity Entertainment Investment

Looking to raise £5, 000 GBP [approximately $6, 500k USD] to cover remainder of our closing costs of our Full Equity Investment. In return for this short term opportunity, we will give an Investor equity ownership in the company with a ...
US$ 6,500

Great Video Internet Project With High Roi Looking For Seed Capital

This plan is a new kind of platform using many social media for its success. The concept is rather simple and has a high ROI on a relative short period of time. Pitch Deck, BP and feasibility in place.
US$ 100,000

This Is An Opportunity For High-Return Investment Into World’s Cutting Edge Innovation Project In Latvia

Innovation project creates novel product category and will totally re-invent world's building construction industry by making premium quality building costs significantly go down, accomplish projects at much faster pace and ensure buildings with ...
US$ 3,554,035

Injection Mould Making And Plastic Parts Production

This project is for Injection Mold making company which will also include the very molding of the parts, and in due time develop it's own products. I have a 10 years experience working in all Serbian biggest mold making companies in this area, ...
US$ 1,500,000

Shovel Ready Video Internet Based Project With Fast And High Roi

This online Video Project is ready to go. With the investment mentioned we can make it work withing weeks from funding. It is simple, effective and tested. Proof of concept present. The project needs finance for some hardware and promotions to ...
US$ 50,000

New Fast Food Concept In Ua With High Roi

This Fast Food project in not entirely new. In other countries it works with great success, but in UA this is completely new. Full business plan present with feasibility. The investment of 300.000$ is to start the pilot with 5 POS in Kiev ...
US$ 300,000

Industrial Hemp Project, New Age Hemp Are Installing Spains First And Largest Hemp Decorticator To Satisfy Demand.

We would like to give you the opportunity to be part of our Industrial Hemp Agricultural Project. New Age Hemp shall be building Spain's first Hemp Processing Plant, their focus shall be introducing Hemp Bio-Plastics, Bast Fibre Paper, ...
US$ 200,000,000


We are loking for investor to buy concentrator to process our mining product
US$ 4,000

Buying Farmland For Planting Of Agriculturally

The land is a finite resource, like gold and all the rules of economics, scarcity born raise prices, competition and higher interest. Over the years, less and less arable land remain a large part of the agricultural areas are prone to ...
US$ 1,000,000