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Investors Wanted

Santa Clara,
California ,
United States

This Is The Next Phase In E-Commerce

This is most of the confidential parts I will leave out. The business is a dotcom business that focuses on sales. Basically you might want to call it a sales market for lack of a better word. The main focus is to create a free sales market with a ...
US$ 500,000
Northeastern Montanabakken Formation Of The U.s. Williston Basin,
Montana ,
United States

Invest In Water-More Precious Commodity Than Oil!

I am selling royalty interest of my water right located in northeastern Montana....this water is located in the Bakken formation of the US Williston Basin where the enormous oil play has been going on in North Dakota / Eastern Montana. I have a ...
US$ 250,000
Plano, Texas,
Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Texas ,
United States

Female Inventor Seeks Capital For Low Overhead High Return On Investment

Investor / Partner needed to bring product to market. Low manufacture / material cost and Fulfillment services are available. Product is customizable per holidays and special occasions. Standard sizes are 11 x 10; 12 x 15; 5 x 10; and 20 x 24. ...
US$ 101,000
California ,
United States

Mobile App Proposal

My name is Ferry / Djing and I am pleased to introduce myself and my Application Business Proposal, One COIN app. This has taken us over seven months to research and develop this idea and place in on paper, so you can get an understanding of ...
US$ 200,000
Florence Alabama,
United States

Investor Needed To Help Develop $2,000,000,000 Of Met Coal Reserves, Purchase Orders In Place.

Our company owns the rights to several million tons of high vol metallurgic coal, all located in northern Alabama. With prices where they stand now, asset value of these reserves is upwards of $2, 000, 000, 000 US dollars. We have several ...
US$ 3,000,000
Kentucky ,
United States

Veteran Looking To Build Gun Range

The Project: Multi-use outdoor gun ranges: Handgun range, rifle range, shotgun range, 3 gun range. long gun range, and special / action ranges. Indoor: handgun, rifle, and archery. Use: public, law enforcement, ...
US$ 5,000,000
Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania ,
United States

Best Ticket Outlet

One free Wealth Session 50% off Selected Services and Products i.e. Wealth Sessions Stock Investing Course Real Estate Course Financial Planning Course Debt Reduction Course Millionaire MBA Program 100 Business Summaries One year ...
US$ 1,000,000
Pennsylvania ,
United States

Best Ticket Outlet

Go to bestticketoutlet.com I am Chief Operations Officer for the company that owns Best Ticket outlet. Best Ticket Outlet is offering a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). The company is valuated at $5 Billion US in ticket assets. In March, ...
US$ 1,000,000
Arizona ,
United States

Gold Mining Project

We need one or more investors to bring our claim to mining production we have already started the exploration phase with great result in gold discovery now we need to finish the exploration and start the permitting process to get the mining permit ...
US$ 5,000,000
Las Vegas. Nevada,
Nevada ,
United States

Perlite Mine. Seeking Investet

Seeking Investor to Fund Project With a minimum of 2.5 million for a return of 20% over 3 years. We have a 500 million ton reserve. Unexpected Perlite ore is 60.00.to 90.00 per Ton. Expected is 275.00 per Ton. We have all the test ...
US$ 420,000,000,000