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Investors Wanted

Miami Fl,
Florida ,
United States

Urban Transport

Transporter of passengers system with continuous movement (TTUBE11). This invention decreases the consumption of energy by not having traditional energy losses due to acceleration or braking. Travel times could be exact, since the system would ...
US$ 500,000
United States

Complete Mine Ready To Take Off

This is a golden opportunity to make maximum returns on your investments in a mine that is ready to roll within the next 45 days. Everything has been done. Lets talk for more details at 8043001368. Lets talk after 1700 hours.You will deal with ...
US$ 6,000,000
Nevada ,
United States

Lithium Chloride Processing

We have patented equipment that drops the salts out of ANY concentrated brine solution at the rate of 250, 000 gallons per day, per machine. We also have the ability to isolate Lithium by its atomic weight in brine and can process those brines at ...
US$ 15,000,000
South East Arizona,
Arizona ,
United States

Large Meso Thermal Gold Mine On 8400 Acres In Southeast Arizona

My name is Dan mcginnity, I am Vice president of a very large Gold Mining Operation in Arizona. we currently own or lease over 6300 acres with 2000 acres to be added and another 1500 acres + where are labs and infrastructure are located.We have ...
US$ 60,000,000
South Florida,
Florida ,
United States

Great Humanitarian And Spiritual Nonprofit Organization Opportunity

Hi. I am Jessica H. Michel. I'm starting my own humanitarian and spiritual nonprofit organization that will help low income, homeless, and other people achieve financial independence and be more happier in life. My company idea since 2012 ...
US$ 8,000,000
New York,
New York ,
United States

Processing Plant For Circuit Board Scrap To Separate, Recover And Refine The Metals

We are construction ready to build a new plant which will process circuit board scrap to separate, recover and refine the metals using highly efficient "green" technology. We then sell our high-purity metal bars to precious metal and ...
US$ 3,000,000
Las Vegas,
Nevada ,
United States

Restaurant Estate Idea Platform

I have created a start of the art restaurant estate platform that offers limited food service and great customer service for which chef, bloggers, entrepreneurs, the resident of Las Vegas and investors to invest in. I believe my investment ...
US$ 6,000,000
Oregon, Az And Nevada,
Oregon ,
United States

Portfolio (3) Of Mines - Ppm Capital Raise - Acquisitions And A Jv Position

Have top mining industry professionals (gustufson)in the industry on standby. cutting edge satellite technology, environmentally consciences strategies mine 1 - distressed acquisition - previously operational, over $10bn in proven assets of ...
US$ 100,000,000
San Francisco,
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, ...,
United States

Bitcoin 25 Day 5% Future Sale Contract (25/5 Fsc)

NLG is offering a FIAT (cash) based investment opportunity with the option to be repaid in Bitcoin (aka cryptocurrency) which can add to the fixed 5% investment return. The Future Sales Contracts (FSC) are created from the sales of our product, ...
US$ 500
Boise, Idaho,
Idaho ,
United States

Gold And Precious Metals Processing Plant And Lab With A New Patented Technology.

This is a new opportunity that is designed to make lots of money, not only for the investor or investors, but for the entire company. The company is in Boise, Idaho and is in the business of securing gold and precious metals from ore. The ...
US$ 5,000,000