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Midland/odessa Tx,
Texas ,
United States

Total Preventative Maintenance Assessment Services

I am looking for a single private investor that is willing to come on board as a silent investor to where I as the founder and president will promote the vision of PASS IT. In exchange investor will receive a 10-25% of equity at PASS IT. Term is for ...
US$ 5,500,000
Dallas, Tx,
Texas ,
United States

Kendall Park Village - Luxury Upscale Retail Lifestyle Center

Kendall Park Village is a luxury retail lifestyle center , known to be a place where customers can come and live a luxurious lifestyle. A place to shop, dine, get live entertainment, and fascinating services. Kendall Park Village gives the ...
US$ 350,000,000
San Antonio, Texas,
Texas ,
United States

Heavy-Kopters Company Startup Venture

My name is Shawn Carmody and I am seeking funding for my startup company venture, I have attached a copy of my Executive Summary portion of my Business Plan giving you more of an idea of what I am trying to accomplish. There are ...
US$ 25,000,000
Lima, Oh,
Ohio ,
United States

Start Up School Bus Manufacturer

We are ready to start. Looking for $5M investment for 40% of the company. We have a complete design for a new line of type A school buses. Testing is complete. Nationwide dealer network is committed with coverage in all 50 states as well as into ...
US$ 5,000,000
California, Florida ,
United States

Imagnis - A Global Animation 3d Mocap & Vr Project - Brazil-Usa-Canada

Reynaldo Marchesini was the first to get a Brazilian animation to become a global success, back in 2004. Sea Princess was co-produced in Brazil, Australia and Spain, and distributed to over 140 countries. A lot was learn from that ...
US$ 1,500,000
New York ,
United States

New York City Capsule Hotel

I want to run a bed and breakfast for the lower class in midtown manhattan, New York City, USA. No where in the city does one exist quite like this. s: / / / wiki / Capsule_hotel or Getting a hotel room in ...
US$50,000 - US$1,000,000
Las Vegas, Naveda,
United States

Sit And Play Gaming Inc. Is A Video Gaming Center That Allow Consumers/Gamers To Reserve Individual Booths According The Number Of Participants, Sit And Play ...

Sit and Play Gaming stands on the model of, helping everyone (gamers) feel comfortable, as if their in the privacy of their own homey there is other options of entertainment, other than the theater, restaurants, or sitting at home bored. ...
US$ 50,000
Ohio ,
United States

Amish Hauling Potential

Hi, My name is John Goldmen. I just want to start by saying thank you for taking a look at our bussiness. We started hauling the Amish and realized the untapped money making potential. Not only do they pay well but there willing to pay for all ...
US$ 250,000
Tampa Bay,
Florida ,
United States

Established Handyman / Maintenance Service, With Great Cash Flow, Ready For Expansion!

For over 3 years our company has provided Property Maintenance / Handyman services to commercial and residential properties through out the Tampa Bay area. Our excellent customer service and hard work ethic has awarded us with an extensive loyal ...
US$ 25,000
St Louis,
Missouri ,
United States

Join In These Much Needed Endeavors. We Can Make Some Money, Help People And The Planet

DEAR FUTURE INVESTORS, BUSINESS PARTNERS, AND ADVISERS, I'm glad you came by the mohempenergyblog. To be clear the proposed business MOhemp Energy has discovered new avenues for generating income that will protect your investment, ...
US$ 100,000