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Baltimore, Maryland,
Maryland ,
United States

Preo5wned Car Dealership

Preowned vehicle sales in Baltimore, Maryland. 15% ROI Annually for 10 years.
US$ 1,500,000
Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, ...,
United States

The Good Karma Project

This project is about creating universally sound ideas that will help a struggling people by proving products of what I like to call relief. By being involved in this business adventure any investor will be very proud and enormously prosperous.
US$ 5,000
Louisiana ,
United States

Ventairator Vented Visors

My name is Bradley McClary, CEO, VentAIRator Vented Visors. VentAIRator has the only one way cabin exhaust visor. Unlike the normal rain guards or wind deflectors, VentAIRator utilizes patented VentHoles to facilitate vacuum through each ...
US$ 200,000
Buffalo, New York,
New York ,
United States

Retail Sales To A Captive Audience - Like Shooting Fish In ...

We are a supplier of customized team-branded sports apparel in need of funding to allow us to begin marketing of our products and fundraising services to over one million adults in the United States. Our IT partner in both Canada and the US called ...
US$ 250,000
Arizona, United States,
Arizona ,
United States

Mining Pe Firm Seeks Private And Institutional Investors

I am working with a PE firm based in Texas, looking for investors, both private and institutional, to fund their gold mining projects. The plan is to raise the capital by offering class B shares of the company.  Right now its at a ...
US$ 30,000
Ohio ,
United States

Alpha Omega Iii Community Complex For Our Vets With Ptsd

Ms. Ruby Best expects a strong rate of growth at the start of operations. Below are the expected financials over the next three years. Proforma Profit and Loss (Yearly) Year 1 2 3 Sales $240, 000 $288, ...
US$ 13,000,000
Port Washington New York,
New York ,
United States

Ameristream Is The Next Iteration Of Broadcast Radio, ...

Broadcast: Ameristream’ AIS technologies will hyper target different geographies within a single stream's coverage area (Nielsen market). Coverage areas become geographic zones, and broadcast different content to each zone. Listeners will ...
US$ 3,000,000,000
New York, Nationwide,
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, ...,
United States

Green Technology For Garment/Textile Production

A turnkey Integrated Mini-Plant (IMF) solution for a revolutionary garment production model, offering two transformative technology innovations for the fabric and apparel industry. What does this mean? • Water-Free, “One Pass”; Digital ...
US$ 1,200,000
Florida ,
United States

Sports @ Sea

We are cruise planner / travel agents and are developing SportsatSea. Soccer was first and so successful we made the front cover of Porthole Cruise Magazine. Cruising is a billion dollar industry and so is sport. GolfatSea is ...
US$ 100,000
New York City Manhattan,
California, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania ,
United States

Apartment Building

Mix use 30 apartments 5 stores all occupied
US$ 12,000,000