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"The Coupon Oasis LLC operates one of the fastest growing websites in the digital coupon marketplace ( The company's website enables consumers from across the globe seeking to save money to find hundreds of ..."
[] The Dalles, Oregon, United States
Angel Capital Market
"I am looking to work with someone to help fund an Idea I have, My mother is looking to own her own daycare she have worked in the daycare business for 14 years now she does not own her own daycare but I have an idea of 3-5 chain ..."
[] Rochester, United States
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Angel Capital Market
"Experienced Certified Public Accountant with a unique set of core compentencies seeking to expand by acquisition. I started with nothing in 2009 and now serve over 100 high net worth individuals and several successful businesses. A ..."
[] Silicon Valley California, United States
US$ 6,500,000++
Angel Capital Market
"I am looking for open minded investors Green image is a seed stage business that will buy already established businesses with fast cashflow. If interested please feel free to message or email me. Thank you. "
[] New York, United States
Angel Capital Market
"This is a feeder cattle project. Cattle will be bought and feed and resold the profits of the calves will be split 50 50 all money will be returned to the invested party or will do the project again. Average profit per calf is at least ..."
[] Gentry Arkansas, United States
Angel Capital Market
"Contact me for a PDF of the information. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  I'm not really sure if this is something you would want to help with but I figure you never know til you ask. I just need an opportunity to ..."
[] Sacramento,CA, United States
Angel Capital Market
""KARMA" Remodeling and Renovation Services Construction Company *Residential and Commercial* Licensed, bonded and insured. We are a full service remodeling and rehab construction company ready to complete any job to ..."
[] Indianapolis, United States
US$ 550,0000
Angel Capital Market
"I am currently a manger at a restaurant, that was about to close down. the food reviews are excellent, the location is in the middle of a huge multiple shopping centers, the inside and tbe outside of the restaurants are beautiful, very ..."
[] Whitehall, United States
Angel Capital Market
"American yachting manufacturing power house team has been formed to build fine Classic American Motor Yachts, inspired by JB Hargrave and C. Raymond Hunt. We are beginning our production with a series of four (4) “spec” boats, to be ..."
[] Florida, United States
US$ 1,500,000
Angel Capital Market
"The present invention relates to snow removal and more particularly, to snow removal systems for melting snow. A Snow Removal System for melting snow into water includes a container having a storage chamber adapted to store snow and ..."
[] Baltimore - MD, United States
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