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Los Angeles,
California ,
United States

High Profile Motion Pictures With Important Hollywood Stars

An action-thriller with strong box-office potential and stars. The story revolves around the world of an ex CIA agent come policeman seeking to find the truth about a bank robbery. Production company has commitments from the state California for ...
US$ 23,000,000
United States

Eco Tour Directory

Launching of new website to serve as premier directory of eco and sustainable tour operators worldwide. Site will be financed by advertising / links to tour operating companies. Site will be of interest to world travelers seeking eco tour or ...
US$ 10,000
Beverly Hills,
California ,
United States

Music Label Investment With Major Artist Returns

I need 250k and I can return 500k in 90 days. I have a agreement for 125k MUST ACT NOW to get return for 500k in 90 days. MUST ACT NOW MUST ACT NOW MUST ACT NOW
US$ 250,000
United States

Humanitarian, Education, Entertainment And Service Project

PTK ENTERPRISES LLC No man is an island. It takes a community effort to truly be successful. One love focusing on the whole person mind body soul and spirit. When people are empowered and truly love themselves they are capable and willing to help ...
US$ 150,000
Dallas, Tx,
Georgia, Nevada, Texas ,
United States

Performance Music Group Is Extremely Marketable, Just ...

30 year old Entrepreneur seeking $100, 000 to start up his prestigious and future multi-million dollar music production company Performance Music Group. Based out of Dallas, TX, PMG produces ultra modern tracks laced with nontraditional writing ...
US$ 100,000
New York,
New York ,
United States

Ringside Fix

RINGSIDE FIX is a television concept that takes struggling independent professional wrestling companies from all over the country and giving them the tools and instruction needed to become successful and provide a profitable but entertaining event ...
US$ 50,000
West Palm Beach,
United States

Revolutionary Software Company With A $10 Billion Target ...

We have received a signed Term Sheet with an UK Venture Capital Firm (6 months of communication) for $1 Million USD for a 40% equity stake in the company. We're seeking $5000 USD to cover our due diligence and other cost to complete this ...
US$ 5,000
Virginia ,
United States

Police Impersonation

Smart Shield LLC provides specialized Law Enforcement windshields to combat police impersonation. Citizens need a reliable method of knowing that they are being pulled over by an actual police officer, too often someone acts maliciously and ...
US$ 377,000
Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, ...,
United States

Advanced Communication Device

It's a bluetooth headset that has a spy camera embedded on the inside called EDM LX300 SERIES. Once its paired up with your smart phone, it allows you to record video and audio directly from the headset without holding your cell ...
US$ 100,000
Houston Tx,
California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New York, Texas ,
United States

Pop Artist Campaign

As we all know, there are two white male artists in the pop genre making noise. That's Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Both are from the north, but both are also old news now. There is no white male pop entity representing the south in ...
US$ 75,000